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Leo Weekly Horoscope 7 - 13 October, 12222
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Watch for TMI to strike this Monday, October 7, as somber Saturn in your critical sixth house issues a gag order to the unbridled Sun your ruler in your expressive third house. So this restraining order could actually benefit you. First, it can prevent you from blurting out anything that might offend the other parties or cast you in an unfavorable light.

Home is where your heart will be—and some of your hard-earned dollars will go—starting this Tuesday, when aesthetic Venus sets up residence in Scorpio and your domestic fourth house until November 1.

Weekly Horoscope: January 28 - February 3

Under this annual transit, your attention will turn toward domestic matters and sprucing up your lair. In focused Scorpio, the celestial stylista can inspire you to make significant changes without sending you into debt. Before you pick up a paintbrush or toss out any furniture, spend some quality time on Pinterest and scrolling through design and shelter blogs.

You might need to ping a consultant or friend with skills to get clarity around the look and especially the vibe you want to create.

Mercury Retrograde dates in 12222:

But the major opportunity for its long stay in this house means you can attract new friends into your social circle. Networking and finding common interest groups will be fertile ground for these new connections. Being a the entertaining Leo that you are, you are bound to attract an audience!


Mars retrograde is especially pioneering in Aries which is just perfect for foreign travel while it is in your 9th house this year. You will be interested in voyages to places that are more off the beaten track than usual and where you will need to learn some of the language to get around. This is a fantastic learning experience and not one to be wasted slumped on the sofa.

If your budget is limited then you might have to be content with reading about ancient cultures or mind expansion through learning…. Hopefully, you are enjoying the excitement and new blood flowing into your career house thanks to Uranus. But because this is also the house of your mother, you might have some awakening about this relationship too. Maybe you see her in a new light either positive or negative.

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The new revelations will have a knock on effect to your life-calling also and will open doorways that you might have been too timid to poke open before. Well, this is a very unusual situation where you only have one important outer planet squaring your decan and even that is only for a couple of months.

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So this area of your life will feel pretty much uneventful this year. Check out transits to your rising sign or Moon if this is your Sun. Wow, Leo decan 3 you have even less going on but I thought it might be worth mentioning the Pluto quincunx. This aspect is one of karmic adjustment and feels a little like the Pluto conjunction but in a far more subtle way. The in-conjunct is another word for the quincunx.

A year of a grueling work schedule- just what I was hoping for. I hope I live long enough to have a year of luck or something. Your email address will not be published.

Leo 2020 Horoscope

As taskmaster Saturn gently harmonizes with Neptune on Thursday, your jack-of-all-trades ability to change hats can help you tap into funding. With the help of your references, you can find more support from those in power on Friday, when action planet Mars squares off with power planet Pluto. Uncanny romance flows this weekend as sweet Venus harmonizes with Uranus, leading you to finding love in the club. Collaborative efforts lead to friendship this weekend, when Mercury connects with lucky Jupiter on Sunday. Lighthearted, rational conversations that require a lot of mental processing happen early in the week as Mercury meets the sun in your transformation sector, leading to a new understanding of someone else.

Romanticized conversations about the future with meaningful material support to back it up happen on or around Thursday, when serious Saturn connects with dreamy Neptune. Some power struggles are on the horizon at work this weekend as warrior Mars squares off with power planet Pluto, so be mindful of short tempers. You shock people with your unconventional ideals about relationships when Venus harmonizes with rebellious Uranus on Saturday.

On Sunday evening, sweet Venus enters your partnerships sector, bringing a pleasant sense of commitment and purpose to your relationships.

Leo horoscope - love, money, career

Other people are really opening themselves up and letting you into their thought processes early in the week. As your planetary ruler, the Sun, meets with messenger Mercury, you are very attractive to people who really need to vent. So listen to their thoughts—you will be inspired and energized by their ideas, and find a sense of purpose in your interpersonal commitments.

Your friends and hookups give you inspiration for new, innovative ways to have fun together, when sweet Venus harmonizes with rebellious Uranus on Saturday.

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You are empowered to follow up on romantic date ideas and make plans with your favorite people on Thursday as taskmaster Saturn connects with Neptune, the planet of fantasy, showing you the connections you have that can make the party happen. Your home life gets weird on Saturday and you find easy ways to account for unexpected expenses when Venus, the planet of values, harmonizes with Uranus, the planet of surprises.

On Sunday, sweet Venus enters the pleasure sector of your chart, beginning a period of reliable dates and sturdy creativity. You are swarmed with exciting, imaginative ideas on Monday as cerebral Mercury meets the sun in your creativity and friendship sector. Get inspired from conversations with your inner circle—make jokes and have fun!

With the help of a friend, you can cut through some red tape and make your vision board a reality on Thursday when taskmaster Saturn connects with dreamy Neptune, allowing you to make the bedroom of your dreams come to life. Power struggles at home are inevitable—changes are made to fairly implement an equal distribution of housework this weekend as warrior Mars squares off with power planet Pluto. Expressing your affection in a strange but tender way comes easily on or around Saturday as your planetary ruler Venus harmonizes with rebellious Uranus.

Early this week, your mind is racing with memories from your early family life and formative years, all coming together to make sense of who you are today.